Coffideas sessions are carried out by Certified Ambassadors. Ambassador certification means that the session is delivered according to the rules of the method and, as a participant, you can feel safe because a trained professional is watching over you.

What are the requirements to become an ambassador?

Openness to people, curiosity and feeling comfortable in a group. Training as a trainer and openness to using technology is welcome but not required.

What we offer:

  • Exposure to interesting people and organisations,
  • training - both basic as a trainer, technology and ESG,
  • ongoing supervision,
  • a learning and constantly evolving community.

We welcome you if you want to run Coffideas sessions in your organisation, or at events
– just fill in the form.

Google for Startup - networing session with Coffideas

Joining Coffideas has surrounded me with incredibly talented and creative minds. This sense of companionship, shared joy, and constant learning is exactly what I'd hoped to find in my endeavors, and I believe it's the same for everyone on the team.

Head of Coffieas Ambassadors - Joanna Andryszczak-Lewandowska
Joanna Andryszczak-Lewandowska
Head of Ambassadors
Coffideas ambassador in action during CIC Gathering Thursday
Coffideas ambassador in action on Google for Startups Campus Warsaw